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    • Do you suffer from aches, pain and stiffness in your neck, back, knee, shoulder or other joints?
    • Does annoying pain affect your work, sports activities, social life or relationship with others?
    • Have you consulted doctors and multiple other professionals with limited results?
    • Are you interested to try our solutions but unsure which will help best?
    • We'd like to invite you to be a Gold Member.

    • Membership Benefits:

    • Gain access to an online pain management class to clearly understand how pain can be effectively,
      easily and permanently solved. ($97 value)

    • Receive a FREE 1-1 online consultation with a pain coach to find the exercises,
      nutritional support and treatment technology you need. ($120 value)

    • Receive FREE Biocool sample ($18 value)

    • Get $10 OFF your next online purchase

    • 6 months of Personal Accident Protection (up to $50 000 payout) *

    • Enjoy a Pain Therapy using New Medical Technology  ($180 value) @ $1

    Your Pain Recovery Coaches:

    • Yen Nee, Pain-Relief Coach

    • Graduated with honors in Applied Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy) from Teesside University (UK)
    • 8 Years + Experience In The Rehabilitation Field
    • Certified Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), Myofascial Release and Dry Needling Practitioner
    • Strong Passion To Empower Others To Live Pain-free And Healthily
    • Ryno Trevor, Pain-Relief Coach

    • Ryno has over 20 years’ of experience working in sports fitness and healthcare.
    • He graduated with a BSc (hons) degree in Physiotherapy from University of London & also has a
    • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology
    • He is a certified fitness and Pilates instructor and
    • Has developed a wealth of experience and knowledge working with patients to aid recovery and alleviate pain,
      as well as for general strength and conditioning.

      * Terms & conditions apply. Applicable to Singapore clients only

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