General FAQ

To achieve optimal results, we recommend that you take Regenerix Gold or Regenerix under the supervision of a health care provider. You may also contact our Physiotherapy Expert (click on the the chat box below) for free advice regarding which is best for your condition.

Regenerix Gold for individuals suffering joint, muscle, tendon or ligament issues. It is also recommended for those who want faster relief and tissue repair.

Regenerix for individuals who lead an active lifestyle and would like to maintain healthy joints through targeted tissue repair.

Product Recommended Dosage
Regenerix Gold 2 capsules every morning (before or after breakfast)
Regenerix 2 capsules every evening (before or after food)

For severe cases, some people may choose to take a combination of Regenerix and Regenerix Gold for faster results.

Regenerix Gold and Regenerix are made in USA.

Our nutraceuticals are made from natural ingredients and are generally very safe. In the rare instances that a person is allergic to any of the ingredients, the products should not be consumed.

As a precaution, we do not recommend taking our products during pregnancy.

Our products are available at selected clinics in Singapore. Feel free to contact our customer service at to locate a clinic near you.

Overseas customers can purchase our products from our international network of distributors and partner clinics. For countries where we do not yet have a distribution partner, customers can buy online directly from our secure E-commerce store.

At the end of checkout, simply key in your discount code at the "discounts" section.