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Regenerix GOLD

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Clinically Tested & Proven Results

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Formulated by Medical Professionals

Trusted Pain Relief Solutions

Our Promise

Premium Quality Solutions

Ensuring the Finest Pain Relief Products

Clinically Tested & Proven Results

Proven Efficacy for Lasting Relief

Formulated by Medical Professionals

Trusted Pain Relief Solutions

We Ensure People Enjoy Pain-Free Lives

Our unique tissue repair formulation and medical technology-driven solutions have gained the trust of thousands of individuals seeking a life free from pain.

Are you suffering from pain?

You are not alone. Chronic joint pain affects millions of people around the world, and nearly half of them experience ongoing pain. We understand the challenges of finding suitable treatment options while also dealing with concerns about the financial burden of surgery and the potential side effects of medications.



Love it so much

I'm 60 and l've been suffering from OA in my left knee for 2 years. I participated in the OA program and after 4 weeks of Regenerix Gold the pain level has dramatically dropped by more than 50% and swelling has been reduced due to its anti-inflammatory properties. I'm thrilled with the improvements and will continue to take it until my knee is freRead more about review stating Amazing! e of pain and hopefully fully recover from OA in order for me to enjoy my regular golf game! Thumbs up for Regenerix Gold!

Barry L

Trusted Remedy Recommended by 800+ Professionals - From Doctors to Physiotherapist!

Achieve healthy, active joints conveniently.

Biocool Gel - The perfect pain relief solution for athletes and active individuals.

Rediscover mobility with Regenerix GoldTM, the natural and nutritional solution for achieving strong, healthy, and mobile joints.

Our solutions combine scientific and traditional approaches to effectively address modern health issues such as joint pain, muscular pain, nerve pain, sports injuries, and age-related wear and tear.

With the power of natural herbs, we help restore strong, healthy, and mobile joints.


Regenerix GOLD

SGD 98.00

Biocool Gel

SGD 27.00

Relieve, refresh, and recharge with Biocool - the natural solution for soothing sore muscles and joints.

Active ingredients - menthol, camphor, methylsulfonyl methane (MSM), licorice extract.

Rapid solution for post-exercise muscle recovery, muscle aches, joint aches, and bruising.


Fast, Efficient service!

My husband is an avid user of Regenerix Gold and we were relocated in Malaysia since 2 years ago. It's hard to find product here in KL so I went online to purchase stock. My order always arrive on time if not earlier than i expected. Service from Jen are always pleasant, professional and efficient . I would highly recommend to buy from MD Therapeutics.

Yana M.


Which natural herbs are included in the formulation of Regenerix Gold™?



Ginger, highly valued in traditional Oriental medicine, holds a rich history as a potent natural remedy.


Turmeric, as per recent published research, is acknowledged for its potent antioxidant properties.


Frankincense, extracted from the Boswellia tree bark, is a prized edible aromatic known since ancient times for its exceptional quality.

Cat's Claw

In the U.S. and Europe, Cat’s Claw, a well-known plant, is widely utilized to enhance joint symptoms.

Winter Cherry

Winter Cherry is cultivated with utmost care under stringent conditions, serving as a natural treatment of exceptional quality.

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Regenerix Gold


     I have been taking Regenerix Gold for about 2 weeks. It really works on relieving my painful and stiffness knee cap due to moderate osteoarthritis. Now I am less rely on pain killer, I even can delay to go for knee injection for time being.    


Esther L.


Regenerix Gold 60


     I am happy with the product, my knee now free from pain and am able to live life like before, more active and lively. Would definitely recommend to others to consume this wonderful and amazing product.    


Zauiah Jantan






Walk with ease with Regenerix Gold since YR2018


      Extremely effective in relieving Knee pain. I am now able to walk or climbing up & down staircase, comfortably. The pain that i suffered back in 2015 is simply gone. Thank You! MD    


JAMALIA Mohamed Ali