How is Regenerix™ Different from Other Joint Products?

Regenerix™ is a unique collagen-based supplement because it contains bio-available components which have been shown to be key structural components in the connective tissue. These bio-available components also play a variety of vital functions in the joints.

Regenerix™ is a special formula which makes it entirely different from Glucosamine and other commercial collagen supplements.

How is Regenerix™ is different from other collagen supplements?

Regenerix™ is a special formulation of collagen hydrolysate, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulphate based on clinical evidence to produce the maximum results.

Most other clinically validated collagen products are made from porcine (pork) and bovine (beef) sources,which is a problem for many patients with dietary health concerns and religious restrictions.

Regenerix™ is produced from purified chicken sternal cartilage which is extremely safe and effective.

How is Regenerix™ different from Glucosamine?

Most patients with joint pain have tried many different formulations of glucosamine and experienced minimal, if any, effect. This is hardly surprising as joint cartilage contains only about 1% of glucosamine.

Collagen on the other hand, makes up almost 67% of joint cartilage and is a key component of tendons, muscles, skin, hair and connective tissue.

How is Regenerix™ Clinically Validated?

Clinical trials in humans demonstrated that Type II Collagen significantly improved joint comfort and increased joint mobility, promoting a more active daily life.

A clinical trial of Type II Collagen has shown efficacy in people with joint conditions. This randomized, placebo-controlled study, directed by Dr. Eric Sheldon at Miami Research Associates, studied 16 men and women with joint issues with mobility restriction.

This 8-week long trial showed that daily intake of Type II Collagen led to ‘meaningful improvements that were significantly superior to the group receiving placebo supplements’. “This preliminary study suggests that Type II Collagen has promise in the management of chronic joint symptoms,” said Dr. Sheldon.

A larger trial involving 80 humans with moderate-to-severe joint discomfort has replicated the earlier findings demonstrating its safety and efficacy in improving the joint conditions and thereby in enhancing various physical activities of daily life.

Is Regenerix™ Safe To Consume?

Both preclinical and clinical studies have shown that Type II Collagen is safe and well-tolerated.

A study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology has shown the safety of Type II Collagen .

The research was comprised of two oral toxicity studies involving acute and subchronic tests.

Test animals exhibited no toxicity, even at 33 times the recommended dose, as observed by a variety of biomarkers and histopathological examinations. Ames testing and genetic toxicology testing showed no carcinogenicity.

Clinical bio-availability studies and clinical trials mentioned above have shown that Type II Collagen is well tolerated in human subjects, with no adverse effects attributable to its intake.

As a precaution, we do not recommend taking Regenerix™ during pregnancy.

Are there any side effects from using Regenerix™?

Regenerix™ is an extremely safe and natural nutritional supplement.

As it is theoretically possible that a person be allergic to, or react negatively to some of the components of Regenerix™, it is recommended for use under the supervision of medical practitioners.

However, to date, there are no reported side effects from the use of Regenerix™.

Where Is Regenerix™ Made?

Regenerix is manufactured in the United States at an FDA registered, independently audited and certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices ) facility.

How Effective is Regenerix™?

Regenerix™ is backed by science to make a big improvement to your life. While individual results may vary due to the severity of your condition, the vast majority of clients will experience a clear improvement with their first bottle of Regenerix™.

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