• Mons Magnetic Patch (15pc)

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  • Mons Magnetic Patch is a medical magnetic generator that assists in relieving muscle pain and other pains in areas where it is attached.

    Certified as a medical device by the National Institute of Medical Device Safety Information.

    When a problem occurs in our body, the resistance value for electric current in the affected part of the body drops, resulting in pain.
    In this case, a permanent magnet attached to the affected area generates weak magnetic energy and assists in relieving muscle or other pain.

    • Helps relieve muscle aches, wrists, shoulder, back pain
    • Korea Badminton Association Official Sponsorship product
    • Medical device GMP mark certification
    • Keeps its efficacy even during exercise or bath
    • Minimal side effects with low stimulation of 600 Gauss
    • Sold widely in South Korea

    How to use:

    Apply around areas of soreness/pain.

    For a greater effect, attach at least 3-4 magnetic patches on and around the area of pain.
    Magnetic patches have a greater effect when used together.


    • If you are under treatment, please consult with a doctor before using.
    • If you have sensitive skin, please apply the patch after testing.
    • Apply the patch only on parts where you feel severe muscle pain or discomfort.
    • Avoid direct sunlight and store it in dry places.
    • Do not place it near cards or electronic devices that react to magnetic energy.
    • Stop the use immediately if you feel any abnormalities.
    • Store in room temperature.

  • Mons Magnetic Patch (15pc) Mons Magnetic Patch (15pc)
  • Mons Magnetic Patch (15pc) Mons Magnetic Patch (15pc)
  • Mons Magnetic Patch (15pc) Mons Magnetic Patch (15pc)

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